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surf zone sentence in Hindi

"surf zone" meaning in Hindi
  • "Sandy Beaches " habitats are made up of intertidal beach and surf zones.
  • Some of the offshore sand ends up in or near the surf zone.
  • Sea kayak touring sees many injuries associated with accidents in the'Surf Zone '.
  • These typically occur in the surf zone, where swimmers and surfers are the targets.
  • The surf zone is place of convergence of multiple waves types creating complex wave patterns.
  • Longshore drift can generally be defined in terms of the systems within the surf zone.
  • Different onshore and off shore wind patterns in the surf zone create different types of waves.
  • A typical barrier island has a headland, a beach and surf zone, and a sand spit.
  • One or two rip currents are always present, making the entire surf zone virtually all rip.
  • It is a small slow-moving fish, living in the surf zone of sandy or muddy beaches.
  • The eggs are spawned in the surf zone and tend to drift northwards with the sea current.
  • And the waves also decrease the visibility in the surf zone, where these small sharks are feeding.
  • The Heal the Bay verdict is based on daily and weekly bacterial indicators in public surf zones.
  • Juveniles often enter the surf zone of beaches, mixing with juveniles from other species of " Sillago ".
  • It is found between the surf zone and depths of or more and also enters estuaries and lagoons.
  • It can also be found over bare substrates at the ocean floor and in tide pools and surf zones.
  • It is found close to the coast, from the surf zone to a depth of, and has benthic habits.
  • Examples of this environment are river deltas, swamps and marshes, coral reefs, beach tidal areas and the surf zone.
  • The species is known to inhabit surf zones and to congregate around coastal lakes, particularly during February and March.
  • It employs a hybrid navigation system that allows it to operate in both shallow surf zones and in deeper waters.
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