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English-Hindi > surf zone

surf zone meaning in Hindi

surf zone sentence in Hindi

फेनिल तरंग मंडल
surf    तरंग लहर फ़ेनिल
zone    कटिबंध कमरबंध
1."Sandy Beaches " habitats are made up of intertidal beach and surf zones.

2.Some of the offshore sand ends up in or near the surf zone.

3.Sea kayak touring sees many injuries associated with accidents in the'Surf Zone '.

4.These typically occur in the surf zone, where swimmers and surfers are the targets.

5.The surf zone is place of convergence of multiple waves types creating complex wave patterns.

6.Longshore drift can generally be defined in terms of the systems within the surf zone.

7.Different onshore and off shore wind patterns in the surf zone create different types of waves.

8.A typical barrier island has a headland, a beach and surf zone, and a sand spit.

9.One or two rip currents are always present, making the entire surf zone virtually all rip.

10.It is a small slow-moving fish, living in the surf zone of sandy or muddy beaches.

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