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surface acoustic wave sentence in Hindi

"surface acoustic wave" meaning in Hindi
  • Currently the frequencies are sorted with surface acoustic wave devices, or SAWs.
  • The thermoelectric cooler is placed below the surface acoustic wave device.
  • Surface acoustic wave ( SAW ) technology uses controller for processing.
  • Surface acoustic wave touchscreen panels can be damaged by outside elements.
  • Surface acoustic wave technology takes advantage of the piezoelectric effect in its operation.
  • First applications were in the field of surface acoustic waves on semiconductor surfaces.
  • Other types of delay line include acoustic ( usually magnetostrictive, and surface acoustic wave devices.
  • Surface acoustic wave humidity sensors require a thermoelectric cooler in addition to a surface acoustic wave device.
  • Surface acoustic wave humidity sensors require a thermoelectric cooler in addition to a surface acoustic wave device.
  • They developed Surface acoustic wave electronic filters which had many applications, including mobile phones when they later emerged.
  • The space between the IDTs, across which the surface acoustic wave will propagate, is known as the delay-line.
  • Surface acoustic wave devices can be used to measure changes in viscosity of a liquid placed upon it.
  • In addition to Rayleigh waves, some other types of surface acoustic waves ( SAW ), e . g.
  • Fig . 15A shows the schematic of a standing surface acoustic waves ( SSAW )-based cell enrichment device.
  • A surface acoustic wave pressure sensor simply replaces the diaphragm with a piezoelectric substrate patterned with interdigitated electrodes.
  • A schematic of the standing surface acoustic wave ( SSAW ) focusing device is shown in Fig . 5.
  • EPCOS'portfolio includes capacitors, ceramic components, EMC filters, inductors, non-linear resistors, RF modules, surface acoustic wave components, surge arresters and ferrites.
  • Sawtek made products based on surface acoustic wave, and with the merger, TriQuint was able to incorporate their technology into its products.
  • An early pioneer Jeffery Collins incorporated surface acoustic wave devices in an Skynet ( satellite ) receiver he developed in the 1970s.
  • The structure of the basic surface acoustic wave sensor allows for the phenomena of pressure, strain, torque, temperature, and mass to be sensed.
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