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English-Hindi > surface anatomy

surface anatomy meaning in Hindi

surface anatomy sentence in Hindi

पृष्ठ शारीर
surface    बाह्य परत तल धरातल
anatomy    शरीर
1.However, the surface anatomy of the point is disputed.

2.Knowledge of the surface anatomy of the S2 heart sound is best auscultated.

3.I don't know if it has a name in surface anatomy.

4.The aesthetic surface anatomy characteristics of the cheek have been described eloquently by Menick.

5.Surface anatomy is a descriptive science.

6.The study of surface anatomy is the basis for depicting the human body in classical art.

7.It should be distinguished from the bicipital groove or intertubercular sulcus, which is not a surface anatomy structure.

8.In addition, the science of surface anatomy includes the theories and systems of body proportions and related artistic canons.

9.They teach students with different methods such as educational clip shows, anatomy models, educational corpse studies, and surface anatomy and radiology.

10.He has co-authored a book on the Evidence for Cardiothoracic Surgery ( 2005 ) and another on Normal Surface Anatomy ( 1984 ).

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