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surgeon general sentence in Hindi

"surgeon general" meaning in Hindi
  • Her secret wish is to become U . S . surgeon general.
  • And that ( firing of former Surgeon General ) Joycelyn Elders thing.
  • One recent debate focused on the resignation of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.
  • Former U . S . Surgeon General C . Everett Koop concurred.
  • U . S . Surgeon General report on physical activity and health:
  • Surgeon general : http : / / www . surgeongeneral . gov
  • The Surgeon General wants to promote sexual health and responsible sexual behavior.
  • The country is better off with a surgeon general than without one,
  • Surgeon General : http : / / www . surgeongeneral . org
  • Henry Foster was blocked for surgeon general because he had performed abortions.
  • Surgeon General : www . surgeongeneral . gov / topics / mentalretardation/
  • But the CDC and the surgeon general treat those factors as irrelevant.
  • My view is the country is better off with a surgeon general,
  • U . S . surgeon general : www . surgeongeneral . gov
  • We think the surgeon general is a good person to head it.
  • Former U . S . Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders is among speakers.
  • Gramm is the key reason why Foster never became surgeon general.
  • Q : Why does a surgeon general wear a military uniform?
  • After all, the surgeon general has little real power beyond exhortation.
  • One of the scheduled speakers today includes Surgeon General David Satcher.
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