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surgical anatomy sentence in Hindi

"surgical anatomy" meaning in Hindi
  • Alfred Velpeau, renowned for his knowledge of surgical anatomy.
  • His papers on general pathology, therapeutics and surgical anatomy was also awarded prizes.
  • There is another use for the term " Dimples of Venus " in surgical anatomy.
  • They are used for gross anatomy, surgical anatomy, and for furthering medical education.
  • From 1913, he was a professor of surgical anatomy and experimental surgery at the University of Bucharest.
  • In 1909 he was habilitated for surgical anatomy at Budapest, attaining the title of professor of 1914.
  • Computed tomography ( CT ) navigation is a tool that may be used by surgeons to better correlate surgical anatomy with pre-operative CT imaging.
  • In 1809 he published " Observations on Diseases of the Heart ", and in 1812 " Observations on the Surgical Anatomy of the Head and Neck ".
  • By 1965, the surgical anatomy was thoroughly and widely understood, antibiotics were widely available and useful for treating postoperative infections and other major complications of tracheotomy had also become more manageable.
  • Similar to pulse oximetry, the suggestion to surgeons about such an idea was met with disdain, who again indicated that a  gimmick could never be a substitute for expertise in surgical anatomy.
  • As a teacher of surgical anatomy Wormald has seldom been surpassed; as a surgeon he was a perfect assistant, while his mechanical genius enabled him to excel in the manipulative parts of his art.
  • It became known for its readability and interest, as it presented medical and surgical anatomy in a practical light, rather than as a colourless academic exercise . and rapidly gained popularity amongst surgical students.
  • Written by the Academies clinicians and academics the topical questions and mock exams include clinical images, radiology, osteology and data interpretation as well as specialist information on applied surgical anatomy, focused clinical history and examinations.
  • Other research reports have referred to drug therapy of brain tumors, surgical anatomy of the optic nerve region, surgical approaches to the pineal region, management of midline tumors, nerve tissue ultrastructure, blood-brain barrier and pericyte-endothelial gap-junctions.
  • His early positions included demonstrator of anatomy at the Windmill Street School of Medicine, demonstrator of anatomy ( 1831 36 ) and professor of descriptive and surgical anatomy at King's College ( from 1836 ), and assistant and full surgeon at Charing Cross Hospital ( 1836 40 ).
  • Paul was the first Ceylonese to deliver the Hunterian Oration at the Royal College of Surgeons of England on three occasions-" The Surgical Anatomy of the Spermatic Cord " ( 1950 ), " Congenital Abnormalities of the Midline Abdominal Wall " ( 1953 ) and " Haemorrhages from Head Injuries " ( 1955 ).
  • In specific cases, other specialized or ancillary endoscopes may be used for ERCP . These include mother-daughter and SpyGlass cholangioscopes ( to help in diagnosis by directly visualizing the duct as opposed to only obtaining X-ray images ) as well as balloon enteroscopes ( e . g . in patients with post-Whipple or Roux-en-Y surgical anatomy ).
  • At low cost Churchill brought out illustrated works, such as " Medical Botany ", edited by Dr . John Stephenson and by his brother James Mores Churchill, James Wardrop's " Morbid Anatomy of the Eye ", Joseph Maclise's " Surgical Anatomy ", Francis Sibson's " Medical Anatomy ", and other works.

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