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English-Hindi > surgical instrument

surgical instrument meaning in Hindi

surgical instrument sentence in Hindi
surgical    शल्य तल्पी
instrument    बाजा मानव यंत्र
1.They claimed that he was murdered by surgical instruments during the autopsy.

2.Pakistani exports to Albania include cotton fabric, surgical instruments and synthetic fabrics.

3.He was the inventor of several surgical instruments, including an arterial forceps.

4.The invention, the firm's primary product, regulates the movements of surgical instruments.

5."Markers are like loaded dice, but they're hardly precise surgical instruments ."

6.It is used in lightbulb filaments, nuclear reactor parts and surgical instruments.

7.B . Braun acquired Aesculap AG, a Germany-based manufacturer of surgical instruments.

8.One major source of UDFs is from the failure of surgical instruments.

9.The second CBI team returned to the " surgical instrument " theory.

10.Herniated nucleus pulposus is removed by way of a surgical instrument.

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a medical instrument used in surgery

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