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English-Hindi > surgical intervention

surgical intervention meaning in Hindi

surgical intervention sentence in Hindi

शस्त्रकर्म अंतःक्षेप
surgical    शल्य तल्पी
intervention    बिचवाई मध्यवर्तन
1.Surgical interventions may occur if the range between one and 2.5 centimeters.

2.However, in more serious brachial plexus injuries surgical interventions can be used.

3.When antibiotic therapy is ineffective, surgical intervention has to be resorted to.

4.There is, however, no evidence for the long-term efficacy of surgical intervention.

5.Studies have shown that surgical intervention is ineffective and may worsen outcome.

6.Thus, the proposed surgical intervention for psychotic or manic behavior was bloodletting.

7.The goal of these surgical interventions is to resuscitate and stabilize, not repair.

8.They may also provide evidence to the doctor whether surgical intervention is necessary.

9.The most common treatment of chronic anal fissure is surgical intervention.

10.When none of the conservative treatments work surgical intervention is designated.

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