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English-Hindi > surgical spirit

surgical spirit meaning in Hindi

surgical spirit sentence in Hindi
शल्यक स्पिरिट
surgical    शल्य तल्पी
spirit    विचारधारा आत्मा
1.In England, they call it surgical spirits.

2.Is this the same thing as surgical spirit ?-- Light current 02 : 54, 21 September 2006 ( UTC)

3.His original recipe was one ounce of thymol crystals dissolved in five fluid ounces of surgical spirit to make the stock solution.

4.Somerfield said when soldiers couldn't get beer, they drank " jungle juice " _ a potent blend of dried fruit juice and surgical spirit.

5.Between 1989 and 1995, she starred as obstreperous surgeon Sheila Sabatini in the ITV sitcom " Surgical Spirit ", her most high-profile acting role to date.

6.Using his academic knowledge, Alexander helped to build a salt evaporation plant at Changi and a small industrial plant that fermented surgical spirit and other products for prison hospital.

7."' Rubbing alcohol "'refers to either isopropyl alcohol ( propan-2-ol ) or ethanol based liquids, or the comparable British Pharmacopoeia defined "'surgical spirit "', with isopropyl alcohol products being the most widely available.

8.Now that the redirects or links seem to have been altered, I can see that the British common name would be surgical spirit . talk ) 14 : 59, 14 May 2009 ( UTC)

9.His other television roles include Jonathan Haslam in the sitcom " Surgical Spirit " ( 1989 95 ); playing Kevin's dad in " Harry Enfield and Chums " ( 1994 ), and Douglas Potts in the soap opera " Emmerdale " ( 2007 11, 2014 present ).

methylated spirit used in the practice of medicine (especially for cleansing the skin before injections or before surgery)

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