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English-Hindi > sustainable use

sustainable use meaning in Hindi

sustainable use sentence in Hindi

• निरंतर उपयोग
• सतत
sustainable    टिकाऊ धारणीय
use    आदत आवश्यकता
1.A key requirement of environmental management is the sustainable use of resources.

2.The sustainable use of natural resources is commonly shared by member states.

3.FairWild sustainable use projects are continuing successfully in various regions around the world.

4.Sokolov was working for Russia's Institute for the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources.

5.It has low maintenance and it is self sustainable using only solar energy.

6.Natural resources and their sustainable use are in the focus of this ministry.

7.AIMS is committed to the protection and sustainable use of Australia's marine resources.

8.Over-fishing is the major problem for sustainable use of wetlands.

9.Everybody's talking about the sustainable use of this land ."

10.Basically, SNUC divides protected areas into two groups : Full protection and sustainable use.

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