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English-Hindi > tabby cat

tabby cat meaning in Hindi

tabby cat sentence in Hindi
धारीदार भूरी बिल्ली
tabby    बिल्ली धारीदार
cat    चाबुक तेंदुआ बाघ
1.Tabitha's breed is somewhat of a Tabby Cat or a Calico.

2.A small tabby cat has become the mascot for the gatekeeper.

3.A tabby cat with a crooked tail hangs around as well.

4.He is usually depicted onstage as a tall, silver tabby cat.

5.The inception of Tabby s Place began with a stray brown tabby cat.

6."' Tabby Cat "'is a long version of solitaire similar to Aces Up.

7.In the musical " Cats ", Skimbleshanks is depicted as an orange tabby cat.

8.Like cats, the Persian variety is much more placid than the outdoors tabby cat.

9.Enrico the tabby cat is 5 and ready for school.

10.Some others have argued he was a Tabby cat, or a common mixed breed.

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a cat with a grey or tawny coat mottled with black
Synonyms: tabby,

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