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table cloth sentence in Hindi

"table cloth" meaning in Hinditable cloth in a sentence
  • Payton has been known to start diagramming plays on the table cloth.
  • The tables had red and white table cloths, and it was dimly lit.
  • This was followed by the launch of Bassols first table cloth collection in 1969.
  • When the table cloth is seen, it symbolizes the contest.
  • Gold base plates topped tables adorned in cream table cloths.
  • "White table cloth restaurants serve more slowly, and that can be tough, " he says.
  • For snacks, there were fruit plates set out on folding tables with white table cloths.
  • They ate their first meal on the floor using old newspapers for a table cloth.
  • The monkey men carried flags made of modern print table cloths to represent ancient religious offices.
  • Pateh embroidery uses colored thread on the special cloth and used for table cloths or curtains.
  • He always brought her a little something : a towel, a table cloth, a bed sheet.
  • During that period, the tables were covered by white table cloths and the clients wore neckties.
  • Mrs Margaret Girvan ran a tearoom famed for its pristine white table cloths and fresh scones.
  • Much of the food is laid out on table cloths in sterling silver or silver-plated servers.
  • It turned out that the impulse was well-intended : save a clean table cloth from being soiled.
  • The set up is complemented by antique silver and china ware with golden and satin table cloths.
  • Gandhi spun a table cloth as a gift for the wedding of Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth.
  • In 1987 his exhibit in Hamburg, Germany, included table cloths covered with random stains, notes and doodles.
  • When Allen opened a restaurant he copied the checked table cloths, the bare brick and other features.
  • The fine cuisine is prepared by top chefs and meals served on spotless white linen table cloths.
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