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English-Hindi > table knife

table knife meaning in Hindi

table knife sentence in Hindi
मेज चाकू
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
knife    चाकू भोंकना चाकू
1.With a table knife, " stab " cake in several places.

2.Break frozen mixture into chunks with a fork or table knife.

3.Using a table knife, spread melted chocolate evenly over top.

4.I have had my best results using impliments other than brushes eg a table knife.

5.Test for doneness by inserting a skewer or table knife into the center of the dish.

6.When frozen, cut into chunks with a table knife and process again until thick and smooth.

7.Run a table knife around the inside edge of the pan and remove the pan's side.

8.Stick a short metal icing spatula or a regular table knife into each bowl of glaze.

9.Even the surface with a table knife.

10.Smooth glaze over cake with a spatula or table knife, letting it run down sides of cake.

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a knife used for eating at dining table

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