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English-Hindi > table linen

table linen meaning in Hindi

table linen sentence in Hindi

टेबल लिनन
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
linen    लिनन लिनेन सन का
1.Or a glob of black tapanade plunks onto the white table linen?

2.On the cart, she laid a piece of her grandmother's table linen.

3.The company makes decorative pillows, bedroom ensembles, table linens and other accessories.

4.Whether you asked for it or not, he signed autographs on table linen.

5.Fabrics, particularly hand-embroidered women's dresses and table linens, make handsome and useful souvenirs.

6.Together they produced over 320 fabric designs and numerous table linens.

7.And the table linen was still the starched white I remembered.

8.For formal occasions, table linens may be ironed before use.

9.The shop sold table linens, towels, fabrics, hosiery, suspenders, underwear, gloves, cloaks and jackets.

10.The company also makes carpet, table linen and apparel.

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linens for the dining table
Synonyms: napery,

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