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English-Hindi > table map

table map meaning in Hindi

table map sentence in Hindi

भौमजल स्तर मानचित्र
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
map    नक्षा मानचित्र
1.Each column of the table maps to the output provided in the last row.

2.For example, the CLDR Windows Tzid table maps Microsoft Windows time zone IDs to the standard Olson names.

3.A video camera installed below the table maps the shapes from the infrared light reflected off the hands.

4.Skorzeny gestures at the table map.

5.The only color indexes appearing in the image data are decimal 40 and 255, which the Global Color Table maps to black and white, respectively.

6.Plane table maps were constructed of Bald Head ( 1 : 10, 000 ) and an area between Lachman Crags and Bibby Point ( 1 : 20, 000 ).

7.Positioned around a large table map, plotters would wear headsets to enable a constant communications link to be maintained with their allocated " Cluster " of posts, usually three in number.

8.For example, 01000001 in this table maps to 11000001; thus the UTF-EBCDIC encoding of U + 0041 ( Unicode's " A " ) is 0xC1 ( EBCDIC's " A " ).

9.The first attempt was the " Translation Table Maps " ( TTM ) memory manager, developed by Thomas Hellstrom ( Tungsten Graphics ) in collaboration with Eric Anholt ( Intel ) and Dave Airlie ( Red Hat ).

10.There must be thousands of them for each side, kept in cattle pens in Washington and Florida, then rounded up in small groups as needed and shipped to courts in large trucks, deployed by chief advisers pushing little lawyer dolls around large table maps.

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