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English-Hindi > table mat

table mat meaning in Hindi

table mat sentence in Hindi
पटल आवरण
भोजन वस्त्र
टेबल मैट
टैबल मैट

मेज चटाई
मेज पाटी
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
mat    टेक चटाई से सजाना
1.I'd let the homeless and forgotten decorate their very own table mats.

2.The store also sells " Kwanzaa kits, " which have a table mat, unity cup, candles and a candleholder.

3.Most of the time a piece of bread was dipped into gravy or it was used as a table mat under a piece of meat.

4.And a cottage industry has sprung up to make and sell Kwanzaa candleholders or kinaras, table mats or mkekas, and other items used in Kwanzaa rituals.

5.None of the paintings are for sale but signed prints, books and table mats will be sold in aid of Prince of Wales charities . ( cfh)

6.Each of the tribe has unique designs and colours, producing shawls, shoulder bags, decorative spears, table mats, wood carvings, and bamboo works.

7.They've since been grown in Guatemala and southern Mexico and made into potholders, doormats, table mats, bathroom rugs, gloves, sandals and sun helmets.

8.He trade-moulded plastic products for many different applications and customers, from table mats, brooches and earrings, ring cases ( for wedding and engagement rings ) and plastic chandeliers.

9.It was at exactly the same time that a young London couple, Laura and Bernard Ashley, were starting to produce headscarves as well as table mats and napkins on their kitchen table.

10.Items of embroidery and lace work such as tablecloths and table mats, made using bobbins or by tatting, can have a wide variety of reflectional and rotational symmetries which are being explored mathematically.

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