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English-Hindi > table napkin

table napkin meaning in Hindi

table napkin sentence in Hindi
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
napkin    नैपकिन रुमाल
1.Yes, he holds the door for me and uses a table napkin,

2.Patrons at another table wave their white table napkins in time to the music.

3.Whereas Kubrick could spend three years getting the proper table napkins for a scene.

4.One of the earliest references to table napkins in English dates to 1384 85.

5.The damask table napkins were hand woven in the workshops of the National Dutch Textile Museum.

6.We're talking about a woman who can no longer distinguish between a linen table napkin and a cloth diaper.

7.During the same year, he was accepted to the Association of Writers of Serbia, after writing his application on a table napkin.

8.Scott, which is moving its headquarters from Philadelphia to Boca Raton, Florida, makes Cottonelle toilet paper, Scotties facial tissues, table napkins and table covers.

9.On February 24, 1957 Lopez invited Judge Quirino to his house for breakfast and ABS was bought under a contract written on a table napkin.

10.It was written by Bob Young and Francis Rossi on a table napkin in the dining room of a hotel in Perranporth, Cornwall, in 1970.

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a small piece of table linen that is used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap in order to protect clothing
Synonyms: napkin, serviette,

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