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English-Hindi > table talk

table talk meaning in Hindi

table talk sentence in Hindi
भोजनकालिन वार्तालाप
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
talk    सम्भाषण बातें
1.They are seeking round table talks between producers, distributors and the government.

2.It is " The Breakfast Table, " not " Table Talk ."

3.One unofficial rule of California Pedro is no " table talk ".

4.He also announced round table talks with Africans, including the Council of Chiefs.

5.In January 1990, it became a member of the Hungarian Round Table Talks.

6.The round-table talks are an important step to show the political process continues.

7.The table talk was about the imminence of the eminence's return.

8.She had organized the K�SZ round-table talks all over the country from 1997.

9.Edits at Periodic Table talk page are typical of other accounts.

10."Table Talk, " and " Underwater Study No . 5 ."

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