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English-Hindi > table ware

table ware meaning in Hindi

table ware sentence in Hindi
मेजपर व्यवहृत सामग्री

खाने के बर्तन
भोजन के बर्तन
table    मंच कोष्ठक मेज
ware    उत्पाद सामान सौदा
1.Other trees provided homes, musical devices, table ware, fine garments, wreaths and scents.

2.Frederick William III popularised cast iron by using it himself for decoration and table ware.

3.Elaborately painted vases were good, but not the best, table wares available to a Greek.

4.More expansive items such as pillows, table ware, art books, and picnic baskets have also been sold.

5.Exquisite table wares are also on display and large wall mirror greets every visitor in the receiving area.

6.Wanting revenge, Velent seduced and impregnated the princess and killed Ni�ung's two sons, making table ware of their bones.

7.Built outside the " comedor " is a long outside shelf, or " banguerra " used for drying table ware.

8.Besides table wares, Mennecy-Villeroy specialized in small figures, representing the Seasons, " commedia dell'arte " characters, and other " galanteries ".

9.The final design to be produced at Langley Mill was " Falling Leaves ", an oven-to-table ware designed by Thelma Hague.

10.The presence of kitchen wares, table wares, and other various objects indicated the cabin area near the stern of the ship.

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