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English-Hindi > tablet machine

tablet machine meaning in Hindi

tablet machine sentence in Hindi

• टिकिया यंत्र
tablet    टिकिया तख्ती
machine    कल बाइसिकिल मशीन
1.Signalling equipment has been installed at Waipara station along with tablet machines.

2.Milton patented a compressed tablet machine.

3.Porter Rogers pressed the release on the tablet machine for the Newtown-Abermule section which allowed it to do so.

4.In 1872, Henry Bowers, an employee of Wyeth, developed one of the first rotary compressed tablet machines in the United States.

5.Henry Bower, an employee with John Wyeth & Co ., which later became the giant pharmaceutical company Wyeth, developed one of the first rotary compressed tablet machines in the United States in 1872.

6.He did not mention that he had yet to exchange the tablet for one for the Abermule-Newtown section ( which he could not have done, because the Abermule-Newtown tablet machine was still locked ).

7.Regulations specified that only the stationmaster or signalman were to work the tablet machines, but it was common for both to be occupied with duties away from the station buildings, and it became accepted practice for any member of the station staff to work them.

8.The inquiry recommended that tablet machines be placed in the signal box under the sole control of the signalman, and also that starting signals ( which gave trains authority to leave the station ) be interlocked with the tablet instruments, so that they could not be cleared until the correct tablet had been released.

9.There was a weakness at Abermule, in that the electric tablet machines and the other block telegraph instruments were kept in the main station buildings, while the signals were worked from a separate signal box at the east end of the station, and some of the points from a ground frame at the other end of the station.

10.Also included in the collection are also a huge number of magazines the Society receives on its members'behalf, operating electric tablet machines, locomotive and carriage brass number plates, three locomotive headlines ( B B, J A and K . One of the more distinctive items, not actually on display but still in operating capacity is the 19th century light bulb which illuminates the now unisex ( was females ) lavatory room.

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