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English-Hindi > taboo words

taboo words meaning in Hindi

taboo words sentence in Hindi
वर्जित शब्द
taboo    वर्जित कर्म
words    कथन झगड़ा बात बोल
1.Taboo words and phrases are " investment,"

2.I release all that stuff inside myself : taboo words, taboo ideas.

3.It was always a very taboo word in Baltimore.

4.So then ass was the taboo word, while arse became the euphemism.

5.That is not the same as saying taboo words.

6.Bad or taboo words for many things far outnumber the " good " words.

7.Taboo words are obtained from the game itself.

8.It clearly violates the instructions in the quotes, without containing any taboo words.

9.Be consistent about responding to taboo words.

10.Some examples of messages that catch people s attention include personal names and taboo words.

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