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tacit recognition sentence in Hindi

"tacit recognition" meaning in Hindi
  • The careful language clearly amounted to a tacit recognition of two important facts.
  • It is a tacit recognition of the structures ( for foreigners ) that exist.
  • His hollow referendum implies a tacit recognition that he ought to seek the consent of the governed.
  • The plan was abandoned after officials complained it gave tacit recognition to the city's outlaw image.
  • Bush recently endorsed the Gaza withdrawal plan and gave tacit recognition to Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
  • Iran said the resolution gave tacit recognition to the state of Israel, something the Iranian government strongly opposes.
  • This year they hope to put him over the top, which Herlihy feels is tacit recognition that Lallement invented the bicycle.
  • Clinton's presence was meant to reassure Israel, yet some now see it as conveying tacit recognition of Palestinian statehood.
  • Israel sees visits by foreign ministers to the Orient House as a tacit recognition of Palestinian claims to sovereignty in the disputed city.
  • But that would mean tacit recognition by Belgrade of Zagreb's sovereignty over Serb-held parts of Croatia, something Croatian Serbs reject.
  • Israel to give up its construction plans, though Iran objected to the resolution, saying it gave tacit recognition to the state of Israel.
  • Since then, Taiwan has dropped its claim to represent all of China in the international community, a tacit recognition of Beijing's legitimacy.
  • The policy shift supported by the medical association is a tacit recognition that euthanasia is still a problematic issue for doctors whose first responsibility is to heal.
  • Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia on Wednesday asked U . S . President George Bush to reconsider his tacit recognition of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
  • Since the website and report are both published by the same UN body, the are correlated sources, which seemed to indicate at least tacit recognition.
  • By refusing to take the Arkansas case, Soley said, the Supreme Court was giving " tacit recognition " that the Arkansas court was correct.
  • On Monday and Tuesday, the president is to tour Palestinian territory in Gaza and Bethlehem, in what many Palestinians are seeing as tacit recognition of statehood.
  • China has never recognized India's claim to Sikkim, but the agreement could be construed as a tacit recognition by China that Sikkim is part of India.
  • China wants a tacit recognition from Taiwan of its sovereignty over the island, and demands that political talks about reunification between the sides be part of further discussions.
  • But he added that Washington's willingness " to sit down at the same table " represents a tacit recognition that " Libya has changed ."
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