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tack on sentence in Hindi

"tack on" meaning in Hindi
  • Others, such as Club Med, tack on extra charges for some sports.
  • Economists had predicted that businesses would tack on 50, 000 new jobs.
  • The newspaper's tack on the campaign has been the subject of criticism.
  • Tennessee can finish 8-3 and tack on a bowl game for 9-3.
  • Tack on interest and the number grows to about $ 520 million.
  • The retailer will tack on another $ 100, so that's $ 200.
  • AT & amp; T isn't the first to tack on the fee.
  • However, these services tack on an automatic 20 percent driver gratuity.
  • So tack on an additional $ 20 a month for that.
  • In many states, local governments tack on their own state tax as well.
  • So they're taking a different tack on this latest proposed fad.
  • It can lay an oil slick and toss tire-puncturing tacks on the road.
  • Surely they didn't tack on a date range at the end?
  • Dole took a similiar tack on a key gun control measure.
  • Why not tack on a focused fund, where stock picking really does matter?
  • The Clinton administration has taken the wrong tack on this issue.
  • AT & T isn't the first to tack on the fee.
  • They completely changed tack on me and in that one speech.
  • Is it possible to tack on Jr . to baby Jordan?
  • Young America matched Stars and Stripes tack-for-tack on the upwind leg.
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