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tag field sentence in Hindi

"tag field" meaning in Hinditag field in a sentence
  • In total, TAG fields about 1000 phone calls from around the world every day.
  • This implies 17 + 8 + 7 = 32, and hence 17 bits for the tag field.
  • The tag fields on the answer and wrong commands consisted of lists of optional, required and alternative words . consider this example from exercise 4-1 in the 1973 " TUTOR User's Memo ":
  • Once you have it running, select the folder or files you want, then use the Tools menu and select Swap Tag Fields, then Artist Title .-- jh51681 19 : 39, 28 August 2006 ( UTC)
  • Ada, and Modula-2 call them "'variant records "'( formally "'discriminated type "'in Ada ), and require the tag field to be manually created and the tag values specified, as in this Pascal example:
  • As part of pre-release promotional efforts for the game, Gearbox began releasing " Pre-Sequel "-inspired character skins for " Borderlands 2 " in July 2014, and at San Diego Comic-Con, Gearbox partnered with " The Nerdist " to set up a " Borderlands "-themed laser tag field at Petco Park during the convention.
  • The unresolved pointer contains an indication of the name of the segment to which the pointer refers and an offset within the segment; the handler for the trap maps the segment into the address space, puts the segment number into the pointer, changes the tag field in the pointer so that it no longer causes a trap, and returns to the code where the trap occurred, re-executing the instruction that caused the trap.

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