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tag line sentence in Hindi

"tag line" meaning in Hinditag line in a sentence
  • The BusinessElite ads carry no tag line and take a practical tack.
  • The promo uses the tag line " Introducing The Jackson 5 ".
  • All ads carry the tag line " Surprise someone special tonight ."
  • The tag line : " Do you want terrorists running your schools?
  • The tag line : Smith Corona, the way you want to work.
  • Both the spot and ad include the " clarity " tag line.
  • It ends with the tag line : " Drug money supports terror.
  • Their tag line is " Better Living Through Recreational Music Making ."
  • The difference now is that the word Xerox is the tag line.
  • The spot concludes with the " Click instantly " tag line.
  • The tag line : " Vote for President Johnson on Nov . 3rd.
  • The tag line on its masthead is " Vishwasave Vishwa ".
  • The commercials conclude with the tag line " Business is crazy.
  • The tag line for Scary Movie promised : " No mercy.
  • This advertising has the same tag line as the TV spots.
  • Questionable punctuation aside, the tag line advertises more than it delivers.
  • The tag line for this show was : " No map.
  • The journal s tag line is,  rethinking Jewish . 
  • Both spots finish with the tag line, " Experience that works.
  • The sedate new tag line : " Let it out !"
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