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English-Hindi > tag line

tag line meaning in Hindi

tag line sentence in Hindi
प्रचार वाक्य
हास्ययुक्त अंतिम पंक्ति
tag    काज घुण्डी कोई
line    श्रेणी डोरी पेशा
1.The BusinessElite ads carry no tag line and take a practical tack.

2.The promo uses the tag line " Introducing The Jackson 5 ".

3.All ads carry the tag line " Surprise someone special tonight ."

4.The tag line : " Do you want terrorists running your schools?

5.The tag line : Smith Corona, the way you want to work.

6.Both the spot and ad include the " clarity " tag line.

7.It ends with the tag line : " Drug money supports terror.

8.Their tag line is " Better Living Through Recreational Music Making ."

9.The difference now is that the word Xerox is the tag line.

10.The spot concludes with the " Click instantly " tag line.

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the point of a joke or humorous story
Synonyms: punch line, laugh line, gag line,

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