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tagetes patula sentence in Hindi

"tagetes patula" meaning in Hinditagetes patula in a sentence
  • Ever look a tagetes patula in the eye?
  • Marigold ( " Tagetes patula " ) is common in commercial poultry feeds and its oil is extracted for uses in cola and the cigarette industry.
  • ""'Xanthobacter tagetidis " "'is a bacterium from the family of Xanthobacteraceae which has been isolated from soil from Root balls around the plant Tagetes patula in the United Kingdom . " Xanthobacter tagetidis " has the ability to grow on substituted thiophenes.
  • The most commonly cultivated varieties of " Tagetes " are known variously as African marigolds ( usually referring to cultivars and hybrids of " Tagetes erecta ", although this species is not native to Africa ), or French marigolds ( usually referring to hybrids and cultivars of " Tagetes patula ", many of which were developed in France, although the species is not native to that country ).

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