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English-Hindi > take turns

take turns meaning in Hindi

take turns sentence in Hindi
1.The men clean up after themselves and take turns with the cooking.

2.They have got so many cows the animals have to take turns.

3.People also take turns cleaning the winding streets and patrolling for crime.

4.Then they take turns and groom each other for a long time.

5.The rookies grimace as they take turns dragging the dummy to safety.

6.Its six captains and nine flight crews take turns making the runs.

7.At least eight family members plan to take turns attending the trial.

8.Take turns entertaining the children while the other parent goes off alone.

9.He was one of two drivers taking turns at the wheel.

10.Residents take turns patrolling Bobovac following the withdrawal of Serb police.

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do something in turns; "We take turns on the night shift"
Synonyms: alternate,

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