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English-Hindi > taken over

taken over meaning in Hindi

taken over sentence in Hindi

ग्रहण कर लिया गया
taken    ग्रस्त लिया ग्रहण
over    बहुतायत शेष
1.Christian schools were taken over by the government after the revolution.

2.We already have taken over the gymnasiums and made them dormitories.

3.The revolution has taken over, but maybe not so here.

4.It was the basketball players'stage that was taken over.

5.Pert pastel Doris Day suits have taken over store display windows.

6.A certain lawlessness has taken over the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

7.Government has taken over responsibility for protecting workplace safety and pensions.

8.Analysts said it was uncertain which company would be taken over.

9.Communists had taken over China and Czechoslovakia and invaded South Korea.

10.So far, six have been taken over or face bids.

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