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English-Hindi > taken up

taken up meaning in Hindi

taken up sentence in Hindi
taken    ग्रस्त लिया ग्रहण
up    ऊपर की ओर उठा हूआ
1.Yards were tiny, with most space taken up by patios.

2.The tracks have been taken up between here and Sun City.

3.Much of the court day was taken up by procedural matters.

4.Start II will not be taken up in the near future.

5.Chen's job has been taken up by Ma Yuping.

6.The flip side is that Davis has taken up the slack.

7.The cramped space inside is taken up with sofas and chairs.

8.Another big issue that wasn't taken up : wages.

9.The issue is now expected to be taken up by Clinton.

10.Recently, politicians and military officials have taken up the refrain.

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