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taken with sentence in Hindi

"taken with" meaning in Hinditaken with in a sentence
  • Not many rock bands get their photo taken with the president.
  • But some were less taken with history than with the moment.
  • Every writer worth anything has his picture taken with a cat.
  • Two more defensemen were taken with the 14th and 15th picks.
  • How can a designer so taken with Hollywood understand real people?
  • He's taken with my nephew's winning smile.
  • I am discussing the steps to be taken with my lawyer.
  • Photos taken with the film got mixed reactions from professional photographers.
  • Most of them wanted to have their picture taken with her.
  • Lactase tablets taken with any food containing lactose may also help.
  • Cladistic trees are to be taken with a pinch of salt.
  • "I'm quite taken with them,"
  • I was totally taken with all the outdoor space and views,
  • The same care should be taken with the old Brewer house.
  • All should be taken with a grain or two of salt.
  • No wonder Spencer's dad is so taken with her.
  • He's taken with him a lost art ."
  • Economics are also dictating who is taken with the first pick.
  • Crosby, 21, was taken with the 23rd selection overall.
  • Guests paid $ 100 to have their pictures taken with Giuliani.
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