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English-Hindi > taken with

taken with meaning in Hindi

taken with sentence in Hindi
प्रेम में पागल
taken    ग्रस्त लिया ग्रहण
with    के मामले में के
1.Not many rock bands get their photo taken with the president.

2.But some were less taken with history than with the moment.

3.Every writer worth anything has his picture taken with a cat.

4.Two more defensemen were taken with the 14th and 15th picks.

5.How can a designer so taken with Hollywood understand real people?

6.He's taken with my nephew's winning smile.

7.I am discussing the steps to be taken with my lawyer.

8.Photos taken with the film got mixed reactions from professional photographers.

9.Most of them wanted to have their picture taken with her.

10.Lactase tablets taken with any food containing lactose may also help.

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