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English-Hindi > talk big

talk big meaning in Hindi

talk big sentence in Hindi
डींग हाँकना
talk    सम्भाषण बातें
big    बड़े शेखी मारते
1."I'm still going to talk big'cos I train big, " he said.

2.He talks big and doesn't seem to mind where the words fall.

3.Planetary activity indicates you must think big, talk big and act big.

4.Teams come in here and talk big about ending the streak,

5.These people like to talk big about what they can do.

6.Dwight thinks and talks big, by turns strident and thoughtful.

7.They're all ready, for the player who talks big and sometimes plays even bigger.

8.You realize Ward had to talk big about working within the club to make change.

9.Roland contends that NASA talks big but doesn't deliver.

10.He gets to fly around the country on his big plane and talk big talk.

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