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tax rebate sentence in Hindi

"tax rebate" meaning in Hindi
  • Are those tax rebate checks in the mail part of the problem?
  • George W . Bush will not buy stuff with his tax rebate.
  • That state approved a $ 701 million income tax rebate this year.
  • Tax rebates for improved energy efficiency are expected to cost RM12 billion.
  • The tax rebates might even encourage businesses to replenish merchandise for Christmas.
  • Opponents of the plan criticize this tax rebate due to its costs.
  • The government also ended two years of income tax rebates in July.
  • Americans began receiving income tax rebate checks in the mail this month.
  • Without a tax rebate, growth could be negative in the second half.
  • It also ended two years of tax rebates and boosted medical insurance premiums.
  • Tax rebate discounting in Canada is regulated under the Tax Rebate Discounting Act.
  • The first wave of nearly 8 million tax rebates were mailed out Friday.
  • Tax rebate checks spent this month should also provide some boost.
  • Later, in the 1980s, California provided tax rebates for wind power.
  • It includes a $ 122 million sales tax rebate that requires legislative approval.
  • The tax rebate checks mailed out this summer reduced the surplus.
  • George Bush fought for and has delivered a tax rebate for American families,
  • Traders were also digesting reports that the government will discontinue special tax rebates.
  • The Senate bill called for $ 85 billion in tax rebates this year.
  • Property tax and sales tax rebates were also offered, he said.
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