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tax shelter sentence in Hindi

"tax shelter" meaning in Hindi
  • Corporate tax shelters often are wrongly confused with loopholes and corporate welfare.
  • Baucus pressed for specific measures of Treasury's success in stopping tax shelters.
  • The Clinton administration says corporate tax shelters are spreading out of control.
  • Roth also has pushed hard for extending IRAs and other tax shelters.
  • The tax shelter benefits result in a tax incidence disadvantaging the poor.
  • The appearance of the latest tax shelters raises old questions of fairness.
  • ST . PAUL, Minn . _ Some give as a tax shelter.
  • -- Require companies to register corporate tax shelters with the Treasury Department.
  • Democrats contend they are a tax shelters for the healthy and wealthy.
  • One witness dismissed the idea that corporate tax shelters were a problem.
  • TAX-SHELTERS ( Dateline TK ) _ New developments regarding tax shelters.
  • Compaq itself agreed that the ruling narrows the definition of prohibited tax shelters.
  • The Treasury Department and IRS also are pursuing corporate tax shelters.
  • The government on Monday issued new rules to discourage abusive corporate tax shelters.
  • The Finance Committee adopted a crackdown on tax shelters last week.
  • It really drove a stake through the heart of tax shelters,
  • Also, tax shelters bloomed, social programs were attacked, and deficits soared.
  • Goldberg says California also has removed some tax shelters that benefit the rich.
  • Promoters of tax shelters are eager to play because of the dazzling payoff.
  • The agreement announced Thursday covers all tax shelters sold by PricewaterhouseCoopers since 1995.
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