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taxable profits sentence in Hindi

"taxable profits" meaning in Hindi
  • The higher the cost, the less your taxable profit on the sale.
  • The entity can understate its taxable profits or even report a loss.
  • The commission goes through the income statement and will reduce our 1997 taxable profit.
  • One reason for lowering cap-gains taxes is to encourage investors to take taxable profits.
  • The business expense gives the American subsidiary a deduction that wipes out taxable profits.
  • For the first five years, it has no taxable profit and pays no gains tax.
  • To cheat, an investor simply overstates the amount he paid for the security, thus reducing the taxable profit.
  • Qualifying companies would be allowed to deduct from their taxable profits 25 percent of dividends paid to stockholders.
  • These treaties allow companies to transform taxable profits into expenses that they can deduct on their American tax return.
  • The advantage is that, on disposal, the whole of the written down value may be offset against taxable profits.
  • Holding companies also offer tax advantages, allowing companies to reduce taxable profits in one unit with losses from another.
  • A mutual fund manager buys and sells stocks all the time, and each of those decisions can create taxable profits.
  • In short, what once were taxable profits have been turned into virtually untaxed dollars for use anywhere in the world.
  • He also suggested NTT is banking heavily on the ability to reduce taxable profits in one unit with losses from another.
  • The company increased its dividend even though taxable profits fell 16.5 percent to 120.4 million pounds ( $ 192.1 million ).
  • 114 Next, it was clear that there is some uncertainty over the application of the territorial source principle to determine taxable profits.
  • The overseas parent can also charge management fees for services provided to its American subsidiary, and, once again, be paid from once-taxable profits.
  • One of Anderson's methods was to help clients mask taxable profits by generating tax deductions for phony consulting and management fees to Anderson.
  • Many countries attempt to impose penalties on corporations if the countries consider that they are being deprived of taxes on otherwise taxable profit.
  • Further, he wrote that " The tax system encourages excessive distributions since trusts that retain taxable profits are subject to onerous taxation ."
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