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terminal block sentence in Hindi

"terminal block" meaning in Hinditerminal block in a sentence
  • A common point of electrical termination is at a terminal block.
  • Phoenix Contact special terminal blocks, Interface, and TRABTECH represent further innovations from the 1980s.
  • Connections can either be soldered, or made using terminal blocks.
  • A new terminal block was completed in April 2012.
  • You might also be able to find some useful signals on a terminal block on the opener.
  • Some older 747s have terminal blocks, or places where wires connect, with sharp edges that could damage wiring.
  • A special terminal block was mounted on the rear of the tank so that communication wires could be connected.
  • Say new burners were installed ( on a stove ), when the problem may have been the terminal block.
  • Printed circuit board ( PCB ) mounted terminal blocks allow individual wires to be connected to the circuit board.
  • Control units vary by technology by using line and load terminal blocks, relays, activation terminals, transformers, as well as monitoring electronics.
  • :Heres the type of terminal block I mean ( Second item )-- talk ) 16 : 30, 12 January 2008 ( UTC)
  • A wire typically ends, or terminates, at the terminal block; but the electricity or signal may be passed onto the terminal connectors.
  • As innovations in green production, MISUMI has developed equipment cables with superior oil and heat resistance, as well as combined terminal blocks and components.
  • Once screwed into the terminal block, the electrician can add the links and so forth on the other side and thus avoid invalidating warranty.
  • A typical central office may have tens of thousands of pairs of wires that appear on terminal blocks called the main distribution frame ( MDF ).
  • One type of terminal block accepts wires that are prepared only by removing ( " stripping " ) a short length of insulation from the end.
  • The only other way would be to pull the fuse out of its terminal block and then test it with a multimeter or test-light that shows continuity.
  • Can not tell by the image provided but I guess that that the pin pitch corresponds also the the terminal block pitch in the kitchen junction box.
  • The big problem with only connecting a few of the conductors is the very short distance between the terminal block and the point where all of the conductors meet.
  • The removable Electrical Service Unit ( LESU ) is an integrated chassis housing the line fuse, convenience receptacle, terminal blocks for wiring options and mounting facilities for optional sub-assemblies.
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