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English-Hindi > the fuzz

the fuzz meaning in Hindi

the fuzz sentence in Hindi
• पुलिस वाला
the    वही यह वह वही वह
fuzz    घुँघराले बाल
1.And right now, golf is beating the fuzz off tennis.

2.The company's most famous product is the Fuzz Factory.

3.The fuzz-buster companies may go out of business.

4.Everybody knows Williams can hit the fuzz off the ball.

5._CUT THE FUZZ, those phrases that convey uncertainty and weakness.

6.You can pop them in your mouth without worrying about the fuzz.

7.The fuzz is probably a defensive mechanism against predators,

8.Nobody knows why the police are called the fuzz.

9._Want those Christian Dior mules with the fuzz balls on the toes?

10.His hair is clipped as short as the fuzz on an old tennis ball.

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