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English-Hindi > the rag trade

the rag trade meaning in Hindi

the rag trade sentence in Hindi
फटे-पुराने वस्ट्र का उद्योग
the    वही यह वह वही वह
rag    गुदड़ा चिथड़ा चीर
trade    व्यवसाय व्यापार
1.Bally is taking it slow on entering the rag trade wholeheartedly.

2.What he does want to show is that the rag trade is fun.

3.Cabell has other concerns about the rag trade.

4.Light industry became established in the area, particularly in the rag trade ( clothing industry ).

5.During her time she continued to increase her fortune by becoming a significant player in the rag trade.

6.But cosmetics makers were long seen as investment adjuncts of the rag trade, first cousins of apparel companies.

7."The rag trade is a risky business, " said Jim Sheridan, a county councilor in Buncrana.

8."The Rag Trade " was revived by LWT in 1977, with Jones and Karlin reprising their roles.

9.Next were the Jewish settlers who came from eastern Europe in the late 19th century and settled into the rag trade.

10.An old saying in the rag trade had it that there were five seasons : fall, winter, spring, summer and slack.

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