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English-Hindi > tidal stream

tidal stream meaning in Hindi

tidal stream sentence in Hindi

ज्वार धारा
ज्वारीय धारा
tidal    ज्वारीय ज्वार
stream    तांता धार धारा नदी
1.There are nine non-tidal streams listed below along the Upper Magothy River.

2.:It is in keeping with other content about similar tidal stream technologies.

3.Stromness thus means " headland protruding into the tidal stream ".

4.Northern Ireland was home to the world's first commercially viable tidal stream generator.

5.Some straits have the potential to generate significant tidal power using tidal stream turbines.

6.That of Tidal Stream technology and the lastest advances.

7.There are several dangerous points in the passage where tidal streams can be very strong.

8.:: : I have made it abundantly clear I have a background in tidal stream.

9.The sound was named because drift ice often passes through the sound with the tidal streams.

10.Tidal flow timings and velocities appear in " tide charts " or a tidal stream atlas.

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a stream in which the effects of the tide extend far upstream
Synonyms: tidal river, tidewater river, tidewater stream,

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