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English-Hindi > tidal volume

tidal volume meaning in Hindi

tidal volume sentence in Hindi

श्वसन आयतन
tidal    ज्वारीय ज्वार
volume    पसार पुस्तक
1.Increasing the tidal volume will also tend to increase the mean airway pressure.

2.The tidal volume varies depending on the resistance and elastance of the respiratory system.

3.The amount processed during each breath depends on the tidal volume of that breath.

4.The longer, deeper inspiratory flows by the patient will result in a larger tidal volume.

5.The low tidal volume aims to minimize alveolar overdistention and the PEEP minimizes cyclic atelectasis.

6.The ventilator varies the tidal volume and pressure based on the patient's work of breathing.

7.:: During exertion, tidal volume increases before respiratory rate.

8.Increasing the % Inspiratory Time will also increase the volume of gas moved or tidal volume.

9.These tidal volumes are 12 times greater than the flows in the largest New Zealand rivers.

10.In addition, the tidal volume at rest in an individual is 1 / 10 the lung volume.

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