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tidal waters sentence in Hindi

"tidal waters" meaning in Hinditidal waters in a sentence
  • It grows on the coast or farther inland next to tidal waters.
  • :: Moored ships would be subject to tidal water flow-or river flow.
  • The beaches are wide and lonely sandbeaches with big tidal water level differences.
  • Provinces have rights over non-tidal waters and fishing practices there only.
  • The bay exchanges tidal water with Nantucket Sound through a single maintained inlet.
  • Consequently, an individual net cannot be continually operated in tidal waters.
  • These trees are able to grow in areas seldom inundated by tidal water.
  • The tunnels channel tidal water in and out of the lake.
  • It includes the tidal waters of the Brunswick River, Belongil and Tallow creeks.
  • The rivers are interconnected and are fed by tidal waters.
  • Tidal waters reach to just downstream of the Maclean's Bridge.
  • It follows tidal waters for about 13 miles, 4 of which are open sea.
  • The Solent is a comparatively shallow stretch of tidal water.
  • It also prevents the salty tidal waters from entering the Dee fresh water basin.
  • Tidal water will be stored and then let out to generate electricity using four turbines.
  • Very soon there was a demand for these ferries to be used in tidal waters.
  • Nimbus is on exhibit in the Tidal Waters Gallery.
  • Llanddona fish weir is a V-shaped trap, typically used when trapping fish in tidal waters.
  • It is found in shallow, tidal waters with a bed of mud, sand or gravel.
  • When the Dutch settlers arrived they found its tidal waters turbulent and difficult to handle.
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