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tidal zone sentence in Hindi

"tidal zone" meaning in Hinditidal zone in a sentence
  • Sometimes elaborate anchoring systems may be required, such as in tidal zones.
  • Intertidal honeycomb weathering is found on horizontal planes in rock within the tidal zone.
  • The Saurashtra revealed the remains of a temple complex currently in the tidal zone.
  • A shallow subhorizontal tidal zone has extensive offshore sea grass beds grazed by dugong.
  • The peak in dog whelk population density is approximately coincidental with the mid-tidal zone.
  • The seaweed and surf grass are able to grow father up the tidal zones.
  • Beach wood is an essential component of the inter-tidal zone.
  • Due to their location within the inter-tidal zone, they fill with silt soon after excavation.
  • The stone anchors have been noticed close to the present lighthouse in inter tidal zone.
  • Or, is the tidal zone not a sphere, but an elliptoid, just like the Heliophere?
  • Shortly thereafter wells were drilled in tidal zones along the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast.
  • This than allows them to feed on the various higher tidal zone organisms during high tide.
  • There are also some freshwater streams and a few runs of freshwater rivers above tidal zones.
  • Several are detached due to corrosion while others show extensive loss of material at the inter-tidal zone.
  • It would be designed to look like a tidal zone, with rounded rocks, pebbles and tidal pools.
  • This species inhabits streams, creeks and estuaries, often being found upstream beyond the tidal zones of rivers.
  • When carrying eggs, females migrate to the coast, where they release the eggs in the tidal zone.
  • Grasses and sea-lavender populate the inter-tidal zone.
  • In addition to the coral beds, enclaves of Panama Bight mangroves can be found in the tidal zone.
  • Marine annelids may account for over one-third of bottom-dwelling animal species around coral reefs and in tidal zones.
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