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English-Hindi > tidal zone

tidal zone meaning in Hindi

tidal zone sentence in Hindi

ज्वारीय अंचल
ज्वारीय क्षेत्र
tidal    ज्वारीय ज्वार
zone    कटिबंध कमरबंध
1.Sometimes elaborate anchoring systems may be required, such as in tidal zones.

2.Intertidal honeycomb weathering is found on horizontal planes in rock within the tidal zone.

3.The Saurashtra revealed the remains of a temple complex currently in the tidal zone.

4.A shallow subhorizontal tidal zone has extensive offshore sea grass beds grazed by dugong.

5.The peak in dog whelk population density is approximately coincidental with the mid-tidal zone.

6.The seaweed and surf grass are able to grow father up the tidal zones.

7.Beach wood is an essential component of the inter-tidal zone.

8.Due to their location within the inter-tidal zone, they fill with silt soon after excavation.

9.The stone anchors have been noticed close to the present lighthouse in inter tidal zone.

10.Or, is the tidal zone not a sphere, but an elliptoid, just like the Heliophere?

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an area subject to tidal action

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