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English-Hindi > time after time

time after time meaning in Hindi

time after time sentence in Hindi
• बार-बार
• बारम्बार
time    युग समय देखना
after    एक के बाद एक अनुरूप
time    युग समय देखना
1.June 19, 2007 update : Today's article builds on prior research I have done, notably the blog at “ Two Palestines? ” which will also update this topic. The danger ... is that in the West Bank - as in the Gaza Strip - infusing massive sums of money from the outside will not facilitate change or rejuvenation, but rather will ensconce the rotting patronage system in its current form. The money will quickly be absorbed into privileged pockets, without ever being used to change the lay of the land. Since its inception, the Palestinian Authority has swallowed enormous sums, without ever creating a productive economic system and effective internal security forces. The PA won't have any problem repeating this exercise time after time. That's what will happen if clear conditions and defined goals aren't set out from the beginning. Sep. 6, 2011 update : The PLO and Hamas are so divided, they even operate on different time zones . Reuters explains how this came about and what it means: After the two zones went off summer time on August 1 to make the Ramadan fast a bit easier to keep,
इजरायल के एकदम नये रक्षा मंत्री येहुदबराक ने कुछ सप्ताह के भीतर हमास पर आक्रमण की योजना बनाई है परन्तु यदि जेरूसमल भ्रष्ट और अपनी भूमि की मांग करने वाले फतह के साथ चलता रहा ( प्रधानमंत्री येहुद ओलमर्ट ने उन्हें सहयोगी कहा है) तो इससे यही सम्भावना बनेगी कि वास्तव में हमासस्तान पश्चिमी तट को अपने नियन्त्रण में ले लेगा ।

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