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English-Hindi > to a higher place

to a higher place meaning in Hindi

to a higher place sentence in Hindi
और ऊपर
to    बन्द अवस्था में
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
higher    उच्चतर उच्‍चतर
place    मुक़ाम इलाक़ा
1.Afterwards he could never lead us to a higher place as a nation.

2.But it is one that could take the Jets to a higher place.

3.There's a group that thinks it's going to a higher place.

4.She transforms whatever she's in and takes it to a higher place ."

5.Everyone demands his right to a higher place in society, and a bigger piece of the economic pie ."

6.Gore added : " We must not only move politics forward, but also upward, to a higher place.

7.Whenever he spoke to the people he was able to lift them up _ lift them up to a higher place.

8.Remember, when he transferred from Tennessee, he was supposed to be the guy to carry the Aggies to a higher place.

9.A : Every fall we take in our individual and collective lives provides us with the energy to propel ourselves to a higher place.

10.After thousands of years of great ideas, of thinking we are rising up from a primitive past to a higher place, then we get this.

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