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English-Hindi > top hat

top hat meaning in Hindi

top hat sentence in Hindi
टप हैट
लंबा टोप
टॉप हैट
top    शीर्ष ऊपरी सतह सतह
hat    टोपी हैट टोपी
1.Around a table sit a woman and two men in top hats.

2.But will Bush don the traditional top hat on Jan . 20?

3.The flamboyant Williams typically performed wearing a white suit and top hat.

4.He wears a suit with a vest and a black top hat.

5.Bradford soon arrives, dressed in a top hat and formal evening wear.

6.The top hat persisted in politics and international diplomacy for many years.

7."Top Hat " is the most sexually charged of their films together.

8.Dennis Rodman _ Top hat and tails in red, white and blue.

9.He wore the typical top hat of the day and white gloves.

10.Operation Top Hat was among the numerous projects not submitted for approval.

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a man''s hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur
Synonyms: dress hat, high hat, opera hat, silk hat, stovepipe, topper, beaver,

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