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towed gun sentence in Hindi

"towed gun" meaning in Hinditowed gun in a sentence
  • Phase 1A has seen the selection of the towed gun replacement; the US Pegasus alternative.
  • A towed gun fires from the ground and any inherent protection is limited to a gun shield.
  • A few towed guns have been given limited self-propulsion by means of an auxiliary engine.
  • A towed gun was much cheaper than a tank and could be concealed in a shallow position.
  • The RAA applies the latest technologies to maximise the effectiveness of the extant fleet of towed guns.
  • Since the early 1960s it has been possible to carry lighter towed guns and most mortars by helicopter.
  • Enemies included towed guns, BMP-1, infantry, Gazelle, MIG's and more.
  • When so attached, defending tank destroyer units supplemented organic antitank weapons ( bazookas and 57mm towed guns ).
  • It is based on Norinco's Type 89 ( PLL01 ) 155mm / 45-calibre towed gun-howitzer.
  • The fort was part of the 155 mm towed guns on " Panama mounts ", which were circular concrete platforms.
  • So, despite the advantages of the self-propelled artillery, towed guns remain in the arsenals of many modern armies.
  • The water-cooled 2A7 23mm guns of ZSU-23-4 fire the same ZU-23-2 towed gun.
  • A major lesson learned from the Italian campaign was that the conversion to towed guns was not as advantageous as had been previously thought.
  • The artillery regiments were also reorganised, one would now be equipped with self-propelled guns while the other would keep towed guns.
  • Towed guns were also highly vulnerable to counterattack while on the move, especially since they were often hauled by horses or their own crews.
  • The unnamed battery of four 155 mm M1918 towed guns on concrete Panama mounts was established in 1941 to quickly augment Charleston's harbor defenses.
  • A US Army study of 39 tank destroyer battalions found that each destroyed, on average, 34 tanks, 17 towed guns, and 16 pillboxes.
  • It was decided that the calibre would be 130 mm, since the mobile coastal artillery used towed guns of same calibre ( 130 K 54 ).
  • The problems of how to employ a fixed or horse-towed gun in mobile warfare necessitated the development of new methods of transporting the artillery into combat.
  • There were about 700 older United States 105 mm and 155 mm towed guns and domestically produced models such as the M-65 in the artillery regiments.
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