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English-Hindi > towed vehicle

towed vehicle meaning in Hindi

towed vehicle sentence in Hindi

कर्षित यान
towed    कर्षित वाहन
vehicle    गाड़ी डोली पालकी
1.Inside the towed vehicle were seven illegals from Central America.

2.The towed vehicle is taken to an impoundment lot.

3.The police towed vehicle to the department's offices the next day and inspected its interior.

4.The ban on trailers and towed vehicles remains in effect in both directions at all times.

5.According to Consumer Reports, the trailer hitch could detach, causing the towed vehicle to break free.

6.We flew to Rapid City, S . D ., where the Moyes met us in the towed vehicle and transported us into the Badlands.

7.The artificial sizing and weighting must be designed to withstand the greater weight of the towed vehicle, which might otherwise tip the tow truck back.

8.Fire inspection fees have also increased, rising about 11 percent, and on Tuesday the council is scheduled to consider raising the fee for towed vehicles.

9.The report was also critical of the city's plan to remove diplomatic license plates from some towed vehicles, and it questioned the retroactivity of some guidelines.

10.With AirIQ's service, rental-car companies can locate stolen, overdue, and towed vehicles, as well as automobiles that cross state lines against company policy, said Miguel Gonsalves, an AirIQ vice president.

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