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tower above sentence in Hindi

"tower above" meaning in Hinditower above in a sentence
  • The spiral dust cloud over Arsia Mons can tower above the volcano.
  • Mature specimen trees from the landscape park tower above the present structure.
  • The imposing concrete and limestone monument still towers above the city's downtown.
  • The summit is surrounded by beech trees which tower above the footpaths.
  • This means the dam towers above the mean surface of the reservoir.
  • A square bell-tower and a spire with crockets tower above the complex.
  • The project would include an office tower above the new stock exchange.
  • In the film version, one _ Lisa _ towers above the rest.
  • The foyer and bell tower above the entrance were rebuilt in 1995.
  • The steeple of St . Giles Cathedral towers above the Old Town.
  • The porch and the stone tower above it were rebuilt in 1861.
  • In Salisbury and Winchester, two large cathedrals tower above the historic cities.
  • Fantastic constructions of volcanic rubble tower above, enroute to the mighty Columbia.
  • No steam rose from the plant's smokestacks, which tower above southern Baghdad.
  • The main cliff face of Hart Mountain towers above the valley floor.
  • The old one was destroyed when the towers above it collapsed.
  • The pointed steeple of the St . George church towers above the village.
  • One Georgian film towers above all others as a political landmark.
  • A clock tower above number 3 shed was constructed in 1948.
  • With a topographic prominence of, it towers above adjacent mountain ridges.
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